Antrim Town Masterplan: a holistic strategy for change

15 September 2004 | blog, frameworks, place making, small towns, strategy, working with communities

Market Square, Antrim

We have been appointed by Antrim Borough Council to produce a masterplan for this historic town. Together with co-consultants Douglas Wheeler Associates, Doran Consulting and TTC International we will take a distinctive approach based on the following three principles.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Masterplan identifies the following specific objectives, in summary to:

  • identify derelict, vacant and underused land and buildings, assess their development potential and make recommendations for their future use or relocation and assess the potential for riverside development including using Council owned amenity land
  • show using ‘graphical layouts’ how the town can be developed and to set out the key actions required by the private and public sectors
  • demonstrate how linkages between the core retail area and all adjoining residential areas can be improved
  • examine the transportation infrastructure and offer proposals for an integrated public/private transport system that promotes improved accessibility, car parking, traffic management, pedestrian/cycle movement and mitigates pedestrian/vehicle conflict
  • propose appropriate and sustainable environmental management arrangements
  • propose options for implementing the Masterplan

It was agreed that the Masterplan should include short, medium and long term economic development and community projects as well as physical development and environmental improvement projects.
Antrim town centre shops

We will take an holistic view of Antrim based on an integrated and joined up approach that exploits the strategic location of the town, the growing service function and attractive living environment on the shores of Loch Neagh. Opportunities for retail/leisure investment, town centre housing investment, enhanced business development, social inclusion, training, community development and cultural activity to complement property development and environmental activity will be essential.

We will use innovative tools and techniques for involving the community, businesses and stakeholders in the preparation of the Antrim Town Masterplan and will ensure that this involvement provides a basis to sustain long-term participation in the regeneration process. The techniques include visioning, scenario planning, game simulations and multiple sorting of images. Our independent conclusions will provide a compelling economic justification presented in an advocacy style for further investment within the town particularly on recycled sites in Antrim.

Antrim Photogallery