Ardrishaig Masterplan and Regeneration Strategy

1 May 2007 | blog, place making, small towns, waterfronts

Ardrishaig Masterplan - Crinan Canal and Pier Square
In association with lead consultant Roger Tym and Partners, we have been commissioned by Argyll and Bute Council to produce a Ardrishaig Masterplan and Regeneration Strategy which will provide a framework for the future development of Ardrishaig, highlighting the relationship of key projects to the objectives of the masterplan partners, other key stakeholders and the community. The brief highlights the key issues which will need to be addressed in developing the Masterplan – addressing the decline of the town’s economic and commercial role in the face of a changed economic reality and shifts in residential, travel and work patterns is at its heart.

Ardrishaig’s appeal is adversely affected by restricted access to and promotion of the foreshore, the low profile of the Crinan Canal and the harbour, the limited supporting facilities and services for boat users and other recreational visitors to Ardrishaig as well as conflicts between leisure uses and existing uses such as Gleaner Oils, Scottish Water and the timber harvesting and freight operations.
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Ardrishaig is a distinctive place built up from a range of widely differing components – the harbour, Pier Square, the canal and related residential developments, the 1970s frontage development which clashes with the more traditional character of the main thoroughfare, and more recent housing development around the canal and canal basin.

The character of the town is the result of this combination of different styles and ages of building and street level activity. As part of the urban design framework and the Ardrishaig Masterplan, we will devise a spatial concept that draws together these disparate components into a more cohesive whole whilst creating new opportunities for change through new building, external spaces and a new landscape framework for the settlement.

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Willie Miller, the founder and principal of WMUD, died on 12th January 2021 after a short illness. Willie was a much-loved husband and father and had a huge circle of friends  and professional colleagues. He was a multi-talented urban designer whose work had a major impact on hundreds of cities, towns and neighbourhoods throughout the UK and over the past 25 years. He also worked in Ireland, the Channel Islands and the USA.

Ines Triebel has been with WMUD since 2005, and she will continue the practice, drawing on her skills as a planner and designer. Ines has worked on place strategies, masterplans, policy guidance, regeneration and development frameworks, and the design of public realm and streetscape projects. She has extensive experience of working with communities, including charrettes.

WMUD will continue its long-standing strategic partnerships with Benton Scott-Simmons, Nick Wright Planning, Kevin Murray Associates, icecream architecture, yellow book and others. Please direct inquiries to Ines at [email protected] or contact any of the practices named above.