Baker Street Greenock East Industrial Area

3 July 2004 | blog, frameworks, place making, small towns, strategy, working with communities, working with industry

Baker Street, Greenock
Inverclyde Council commissioned a study of the Baker Street Greenock area aimed at gaining a detailed understanding of the role and function of this business area and carrying out an assessment of its potential as a sustainable employment location for Greenock and Inverclyde. The proposals for the area will be likely to include a construction industry cluster, an environmental strategy for Baker Street itself, improved pedestrian accessibility and employment and training links with adjoining Social Inclusion Partnership Areas. Lead consultants were Roger Tym and Partners.

Report Excerpts

Baker Street – Drumfrochar Road Realignment: Comment has already been made on the environmental and urban design implications of this proposed realignment. If these works proceed in accordance with the current design layout, care must be taken to ensure that this does not result in more unsightly areas, particularly in Area 3, becoming visible from this major route.

It is suggested that the environmental improvements throughout this corridor should attempt to retain existing walls and barriers and avoid creating new views into unsightly areas. Extensive tree planting should be carried out behind these walls so that at some time in the future, it might be possible to create a more mature and rich environment using trees and vegetation which are already established. It is also suggested that the new road alignment should be accompanied by a redefinition of adjacent ownership boundaries to minimise odd areas of grass, trees and landscaping. Efforts should also be made to define these new boundaries with quality materials and walling rather than cheap or inappropriate fencing and municipal landscaping which may take many years to mature.

This proposed treatment should also apply to the entrance to the study area at the Regent Street/Baker Street roundabout where the walls or buildings would give a more appropriate character than landscaping.

Brimac Works: Measures require to be taken to eliminate or mitigate the noxious odour emanating from these premises, particularly as they may represent a disincentive to new development in the vicinity, especially in Area 2 to the east of the works.

Water courses: The remains of the Greenock Cut sluices and other water courses throughout the study area represent potential high amenity assets which new development might key into to create quality features with historic significance or benefit to wildlife habitats. However they do require immediate attention in the form of a major clean-up programme combined with management and enforcement to prevent further tipping.

Retaining Walls / Changes in Level: Throughout the study area there are numerous walls marking substantial changes in level between potential development platforms or existing premises. Many of these are stone or high quality brickwork which should be retained wherever appropriate or practicable. These features are of a much higher quality than would be built today and can form the basis of new prestige environments, particularly in Area 2 and parts of Area 2.

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