The best of the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud 2010

4 January 2011 | blog, comment

Lewis Baltz - Tract House #17, 1971

Lewis Baltz – Tract House #17, 1971

Since 2008 I’ve been collecting a series of images on Tumblr under the banner of the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud. This started out as a collection of images that I wanted to keep for easy reference – a sort of Pinterest before its time – but I developed a curiosity about the popularity of certain images and the lack of appeal of others, measured through Tumblr’s notes system. I started posting on a daily basis in February 2010. My interests were photography, landscape and architecture, particularly the New Topographics photographers and a general interest in architecture post 1900. I was also drawn to the themes of Terrain Vague and Le Tiers Paysage. These themes have tremendous importance for practice though many planners do not make the connection, preferring a more cheerful palette of more traditional themes.
the best of the Cosmic Inspiro-cloud 2010
During 2010, the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud posted over 380 images in monthly themes as follows – with their popularity shown in brackets:

January – Buildings and landscapes (11th)
February – Buildings and landscapes (12th)
March – Concrete, bleakness (10th)
April – Photography (8th)
May –Photography, Billboards (9th)
June – Photography, landscape (7th)
July – Landscape, interiors, photography (5th)
August – Modernism, landscape, installations (1st)
September – Modernism, landscape, installations (2nd)
October – Film, landscape, modernism (6th)
November – Film, modernism, landscape, installations (3rd)
December – German Modernism – mostly (4th)

The most popular theme for the year was Modernism, landscape and installations from August. The same theme tok second place in September and with the addition of film, the same themes took third place in November. The most popular image of the year was Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs ‘Wires’ from 2008.

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs - Wires, 2008 - most popular image of 2010

Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs – Wires, 2008 – most popular image of 2010

The top ten images by month are shown below.

Willie Miller, the founder and principal of WMUD, died on 12th January 2021 after a short illness. Willie was a much-loved husband and father and had a huge circle of friends  and professional colleagues. He was a multi-talented urban designer whose work had a major impact on hundreds of cities, towns and neighbourhoods throughout the UK and over the past 25 years. He also worked in Ireland, the Channel Islands and the USA.

Ines Triebel has been with WMUD since 2005, and she will continue the practice, drawing on her skills as a planner and designer. Ines has worked on place strategies, masterplans, policy guidance, regeneration and development frameworks, and the design of public realm and streetscape projects. She has extensive experience of working with communities, including charrettes.

WMUD will continue its long-standing strategic partnerships with Benton Scott-Simmons, Nick Wright Planning, Kevin Murray Associates, icecream architecture, yellow book and others. Please direct inquiries to Ines at [email protected] or contact any of the practices named above.