Church Wharf, Bolton – Urban Renaissance

15 February 2003 | blog, cities, frameworks, neighbourhood, place making, town centres, working with communities

Church Wharf Bolton - Visual-Analysis
The Church Wharf area of Bolton (approximately 3 hectares or 7.5 acres) and located on a major radial route is identified in the Unitary Development Plan and in the Approved Land Use Proposals 1999 as being suitable for redevelopment as a mixed use area. The site is considered by the Council as a potential development opportunity, which can make a significant contribution to the regeneration of the town centre and could potentially be developed along the lines of an ‘Urban Village’ format bringing about Church Wharf, Bolton – Urban Renaissance.

The Council has previously received expressions of interest in the site from private sector developers but consider, given the layout and land ownership issues associated with the site, that a comprehensive approach is needed to ensure successful implementation. The Council has also identified St Vincent’s Housing Association as the preferred Bolton Community Homes partner for the housing elements of the development.

In partnership, the Council and St Vincent’s have selected a consortium of professional advisors to consider the feasibility of the development of Church Wharf. This study will consider local market demand for a mixed-use project, potential mix of uses and layouts, potential funding regimes, land acquisition issues and the most appropriate method of securing a private sector developer partner.
Church Wharf, Bolton – Analysis and Framework

Church Wharf, Bolton Photogallery