Drumchapel Environmental Vision: advocating environmental change

4 March 2003 | blog, cities, frameworks, neighbourhood, place making, working with communities

Drumchapel Environmental Vision - Drumchapel-Local-Shop
This study has been commissioned by the Drumchapel Environment Trust (DET) and DRUMCOG. The study area is defined by the boundary of the Drumchapel Social Inclusion Partnership (SIP) area, a substantial area of northwest Glasgow stretching in the south from Great Western Road north to the City Boundary.
Drumchapel Burst Pipe

The original brief issued to the team (WMUD and Drew Mackie Associates) contained three main aspirations:

  • a realistic views of the urban landscape of Drumchapel Environmental Vision
  • a hierarchy of proposals for the short medium and long term
  • possible delivery and management structures to ensure long term sustainability

In addition to this, the essential elements of the Vision were to:

  • strengthen local communities
  • create places and strengthen local characteristics
  • harness site assets
  • integrate with surroundings
  • build in safety
  • be economically viable
  • meet aspirations


It is also stated that the emphasis of the report should be on supporting the concept of Drumchapel as a ‘desirable residential suburb’ and that the report should be an advocacy document for environmental change as well as a source of practical projects which can be implemented by the client group.

Drumchapel Market

The report is also intended to focus on open space issues and proposals for improvement, development issues particularly residential areas and issues relating to the town centre and local centres.

Drumchapel Analysis and Proposals

Drumchapel Photogallery