Forrestburn International Motor Racing Circuit

1 June 2003 | blog, motor sport, tourism


Between 1992 and 1997, efforts were made to build an international standard motor racing circuit in Central Scotland at Forrestburn Reservoir just north of Junction 5 on the M8 Glasgow to Edinburgh motorway. The proposal attracted support and derision in equal measure. The choice of site ensured that the circuit would have a distinctive Scottish character and created the opportunity to build a circuit in the tradition of Spa-Francorchamps, Rheims or Clermont-Ferrand where landscape and track could work together to create a distinctive sense of place – fitting for a national venue. Only the speed hillclimb was built and opened in 1993, becoming a popular and well used motor sport venue run by Monklands Sporting Car Club. This is a collection of some of the drawings of the project showing the development of the idea through various configurations.

The plan shown below was the original scheme proposed by Monklands District Council.

Forrestburn International Circuit - the initial proposal circa 1993

The second plan below is a greatly enlarged proposal with a club circuit and associated development intended to help finance the project.

Forrestburn International Circuit - circa 1995

The plan below originates from early 1996 and shows a larger more flexible arrangement of circuits but with a greater land take and more associated development.

Forrestburn International Circuit - circa early 1996’

The next plan dating from mid 1996 was a stripped down, more compact proposal with less associated development and smaller facility buildings.

Forrestburn International Circuit - circa mid 1996

In late 1996 the track round the reservoir was abandoned in favour of building to the north on more stable ground.

Forrestburn International Circuit - circa late 1996

Finally in 1997, this northern plan was developed with a longer circuit, more associated development and corporate facilities. It was this plan for Forrestburn International Circuit – shown below – that was granted planning permission.

Forrestburn International Circuit - the final proposal - early 1997