Leitrim Tourism Development: baseline analysis

19 December 2012 | blog, research, strategy, tourism

Leitrim landscape near Drumshanbo
We were appointed by
Leitrim Development Company
as part of a team led by EMcG Solutions in association with TTC International and RPD to complete in depth research and analysis of the tourism sector in County Leitrim to establish a comprehensive baseline from which to measure change and to contribute to the medium to long-term strategic plan for the tourism sector and interests in the County. This included an audit, survey, benchmarking, evaluation and interpretation process of the various elements and initiatives which make up tourism in County Leitrim. Leitrim is an area of outstanding natural beauty and a number of tourism related enterprises have developed, primarily servicing the fishing sector and the Waterways. Decline in the commercial environment in Leitrim has continued due to competitiveness issues associated with the tourism infrastructural base, and relative remoteness of the county inhibiting tourism development.

The research provided a comprehensive review and analysis of County Leitrim and context: tourism product and service portfolio; tourism and tourism sector trends, providing information on the key influencers associated with those trends; tourism product/service from a visitor and provider perspective; links to local national and regional policy actions; and tourism and tourism sector statistics – highlighting strengths and gaps associated with statistical evidence captured for County Leitrim etc. The output of this research generated fresh thinking and crucially, building in findings from key stakeholder consultation, surveys, case studies and public consultation.

The findings were transferred to a GIS platform to aid future planning and assisting in developing touring routes, identifying key scenic viewpoints and a range of topography relating to tourism attractors. It also highlights the geographic distribution of accommodation by type in the County which can have an important role in relation to policy making and strategic direction.

The research produced a SWOT analysis and developed a set of recommendations and actions which demonstrated how the County can capitalise upon its opportunities foster the ability to grow tourism and the tourism sector in a sustainable and dynamic way. The final report identified a number of strategic objectives which will be supported by a series of actions which provide an indicative route map to enable the development of tourism and the tourism sector in County Leitrim.
Leitrim GIS Analysis

Leitrim Photogallery