Forth and Clyde Canal: Lock 27 Feasibility Study

12 January 2005 | blog, place making, waterfronts

Lock 27, Forth and Clyde Canal, Glasgow
We have been commissioned by British Waterways Scotland (with yellow book and Jacobs Babtie) to undertake a feasibility study of the Lock 27 area. The study is intended to encompass a planning and urban design strategy for the site, an engineering, technical and roads assessment, and a commercial viability and delivery strategy.

The brief states that, ‘Lock 27 and the adjoining basin is already a small node of activity on the Forth & Clyde Canal. British Waterways has recently constructed an amenity block (boaters facility) and pontoons immediately to the west of the basin. There is an opportunity to increase waterspace and canal activity at this location.’
Lock 27, Forth and Clyde Canal, Glasgow
The stated objectives of the study are to identify the feasibility of water-related development opportunities at this location and identify the scope for increasing the existing basin in line with development opportunities. It is considered important to create a nodal point of canal-related activity at this location as well as to identify a delivery strategy to undertake redevelopment of this area.

In examining these matters we are required to consider the site’s context both in terms of the surrounding city, the canal network, and transport connections. Also, access requirements for vehicular and pedestrian movement require to be considered.

Lock 27 Proposals

Lock 27 Photogallery