Willie Miller Urban Design is a Glasgow based practice focusing on the broad range of activities that shape our built environment

we bring together skills in strategic and urban design, community planning and place making

we use these to develop engaging and collaborative processes with public agencies, charities and communities to create better environments

what we do

conceptual, strategic and development work in urbanism, community plans, strategic design, tourism, heritage and spatial planning

with whom

communities, agencies and individuals who provide value to civic society through improving quality of life, economy and environment


from city regions, sub-regions, cities, towns and neighbourhoods to rural areas and countryside, villages, hamlets, sites, plots and gardens


we work across the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, geography, landscape, economics, social sciences, ecology and public health

core themes

strategy first

Regardless of scale, every plan or project needs to have a strategic purpose – why is it being considered, how will it perform, what is its function and context, what are the benefits of doing it? This is as relevant for a regional plan as for a town centre or small civic space. Developing appropriate strategies is a key part of our work on every project.

Clarkston Charrette

working with communities

Developing positive ideas for change through working with residential, business and institutional communities is central to our work. We approach our work with distinct principles and methods but without preconceived ideas of outcomes. Our work in Glasgow, across Northern Ireland and in many other places embodies this.

Kirkwall Placemaking Proposals

restructuring the civic realm

Every city, town or village has a network of civic assets that should be cherished, improved and sometimes re-invented. These might range from public buildings, parks, transport nodes or civic spaces to bus stops and benches. We can help communities to develop networks of these riches into catalysts for change.

Buckie Renewables Industry

working with industry

Industry and renewables are critical components of Scotland’s future. We have worked recently with public agencies and the private sector on practical projects for the future, including a renewables pier development framework at Stromness, a proposed O+M base at Buckie and a new industry park at Dalgety Bay.

Approach to Academy Street, Inverness

new approaches to streets

We have worked on alternative approaches to street design since 2004 in Renfrew town centre. With the Scottish Government’s Designing Streets advice, many Councils and communities are keen to change the way streets are used while others are hesitant. Our work in Kirkwall, Leven and Inverness represents positive change.

Proposals for Broad Street, Kirkwall

working with heritage

We work to make the most of heritage assets, especially through Townscape Heritage projects most recently in Stranraer, Kirkwall, Fraserburgh and Inverness. We look particularly at the street design aspects of this work, providing a more comfortable pedestrian environment and a better setting for important buildings.

current work

We are currently working on the following projects:

Lane Strategy for Glasgow City Council

A strategy for the development and management of the City Centre’s lanes

Three Towns Charrette, Ayrshire

Creating a long-term vision, strategy and action plan for Ardrossan, Saltcoats and Stevenston

Design Futures Festival

Feasibility study of a South East Ireland Design Futures Festival for DCCoI and Fáilte Ireland

Annan High Street Improvements

Working with local communities to strengthening the civic and commercial core of the town


look at projects by subject area

clients and project locations

who we have worked with and where

recent work

A Development Strategy for East Bank, Belfast

Working with EDAW on their framework agreement with the Laganside Corporation, we were asked to produce a A Development Strategy for East Bank, Belfast area comprising the Howden Sirocco Works, Short Strand, Bridge End and Middlepath Street and the entire waterfront…

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Structure, process, product in urban design

Over the last decade Urban Design in the UK has become almost synonymous with ‘Big Architecture’. The people who have made the Urban Design headlines are almost exclusively architects. The profession has become very “product” oriented and proposals are increasingly…

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Dundee Central Waterfront – frameworks for change

Dundee City Council appointed a team led by EDAW including Oscar Faber, Ryden and WMUD to develop a strategic framework for the Central Waterfront at Dundee. The site does not have a street system or grain in the traditional sense; rather it is a spatially disaggregated collection of…

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Dancing while standing still: an orgy of partnership building

“Dancing while standing still” was first published in Environment and Health News from UNED-UK Issue 9 Special Conference Edition The last few years have seen an orgy of partnership building in the UK. The government’s urge towards “joined up thinking”has led to a swathe…

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Place character, landscape and motor sport

As many older circuits become increasingly unsuitable for environmental, planning and safety reasons, there is a need for a new generation of tracks which offer improved access and environmental fit as well as better spectator and safety facilities. It is likely that these circuits will be developed…

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Bathtubs, hoovers and dustbins: modelling local economies

This paper is a summary of a talk given to the Rural Forum Scotland. It describes a way of looking at localities which is useful in working with local communities and which allows the often abstruse subject of economics to be discussed by local people as well as professionals.

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Leeman Road, York: an urban design framework

EDAW were commissioned by York City Council, Network Rail and others to produce a regeneration framework for the railway yards and surrounding land at Leeman Road in York. We were part of the consultant team and generated the spatial analysis and urban design framework for the site.

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Catrine Village, Ayrshire: environmental improvements

This was a study for Enterprise Ayrshire of improvements carried out in Catrine Village, Ayrshire over the last ten years. The study focused on the relationship between environmental improvements, economic support for local companies and the community’s impressions …

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