Piperhill Jet-ski Centre: a Feasibility Study

5 March 2002 | blog, motor sport, tourism

Piperhill Jet-ski Feasibility Study - Piperhill open cast coal site

Willie Miller Urban Design + Planning and Shared Intelligence were commissioned by Scottish Coal, Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire and Jet Ski Ecosse in June 2002 to carry out a Jet-ski Feasibility Study including Personal Watercraft (PW) and ATV Centre at Piperhill in East Ayrshire.

The purpose of the study was to test the feasibility of the outline proposal prepared by the client group, to develop the idea into a sound commercial opportunity and to assess the economic and social impact of the proposal. The main areas of work involved in the study are to:

  • identify and quantify the likely market for the venture
  • suggest a layout and scale of development to maximise the viability of the project
  • prepare an indicative business plan for the project
  • assess the likely economic and social impacts of the project

The market assessment of the proposal suggests that the market for such a facility is limited in Scotland at the present time. However we have taken into account the fact that the client group are nevertheless anxious to proceed with the project and that this could be done through Jet-Ski Ecosse in a small scale incremental manner with relatively small cost and risk. The proposal also represents a constructive use for Piperhill and provides a facility for jet-skiing and other uses that are perceived to be environmentally unfriendly.

Piperhill Proposals

Piperhill Photogallery