Renfrew Town Centre – Design and Traffic Study

30 September 2003 | blog, frameworks, place making, public realm, small towns, waterfronts, working with communities

Renfrew Town Centre aerial looking towards the River Clyde

This proposal was submitted in response to an invitation from Renfrewshire Council requesting proposals for the preparation of Design Proposals and Guidance for Renfrew Town Centre and Renfrew Riverside Urban Extension – a Renfrew Town Centre – Design and Traffic study.

The study brief describes an interesting and demanding piece of work that has the potential to help assure the future competitiveness of a worthy historic town, make a significant step towards the regeneration of the Clyde Corridor and ensure integration between the Town Centre and the Riverside Extension.

The brief contained five inter-related components:

  • costed design proposals for streetscape improvements and traffic/parking management in Renfrew Town Centre, with the twin aims of facilitating accessibility of the town centre for quick local shopping trips and enhancing the physical attractiveness of the town centre
  • measures to maximise the separation of through traffic from town centre traffic, using the existing road network
  • urban design guidance for the detailed layout and design of the various development areas within Renfrew Riverside urban extension, which lies between Renfrew Town Centre, the River Clyde and Braehead Shopping Centre
  • design guidance for the creation of a high quality public realm within Renfrew Riverside urban extension, including both public circulation space and open space
  • urban design and traffic management proposals to maximise linkages and accessibility between Renfrew Town Centre and Renfrew Riverside Urban Extension

In approaching this work, we decided at an early stage to break ground as far as the design and traffic element of the work was concerned. We invited Martin Stockley Associates to join the team. We adopted an innovative approach to resolving distinct traffic issues by structuring new development and its associated spaces in a beneficial manner, resolving potential land use conflicts between old and new and setting new standards of public realm in the area.

Renfrew: Design and Traffic Management Final Report

Renfrew Riverside Photogallery