Royston Community Vision and Strategy

5 December 2014 | blog, cities, designing streets, neighbourhood, street design, working with communities

Royston Road, Glasgow - after street design proposals for the community vision
Rosemount Development Trust Ltd, on behalf of the Royston Strategy Group, appointed a team to devise a community vision and strategy for the area, building from local people and organisations. The team consists of Kevin Murray Associates, Willie Miller Urban Design and Benton Scott-Simmons. The aim of the study was to prepare a Royston Vision and Strategy plan that considered the whole of Royston, how it functions socially and economically, and that helped to make a case for maintaining positive change and investment in the area. Crucially the Community Vision and Strategy was created with the community in Royston and the strategy has their backing.

From the consultation and our own analysis, the following project themes and projects were established. The projects consist of both physical interventions and projects that are of a management or facilitative nature supporting the people and place of Royston. The themes are ordered in terms of strategic priority, but this does not reflect either their importance or the order in which projects should be initiated. These themes included exploiting opportunity sites, a programme of environmental improvements, community involvement and empowerment, the reconfiguration of sites, support access to skills and jobs, movement and transport, leisure, sport and open space as well as building on the local economy and food production opportunities.

Discussions with people in the community and organisations have suggested that running starter projects that act as demonstrators would be essential to building confidence and gaining involvement from the community. This selection of projects offers a way of making physical differences in quick, easier ways such as:

  • play space repair and maintenance – transfer to community management
  • formalise informal route – in particular the route from Roystonhill Place to Rhymer Street or Earlston Avenue to Provanhill Street
  • lighting projects – tie into Glasgow City Council’s lighting strategy programme
  • negotiations – establish who to negotiate with in regard to the Triangle Site, and begin negotiations regarding the future of the Kylefoth development
  • Triangle Site – a short-term intervention on the site that brings it into active use. A planning application could be made for a temporary use
  • GHA Investment Programme – add value to investment by GHA in Royston Square by incorporating plans and delivery mechanisms to enhance the setting and relationship with Royston Road
  • Community Sports Hub – more work on investigating the potential of establishing a community sports hub in Royston. In the short-term the starting point appears to be very accessible, local clubs with an interest in establishing a community sports hub. As momentum builds this could lead to capital projects in the medium to long-term by establishing a case for need and funding. Also consider the connections that could be built with the Pinkston Paddlesports Centre.

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