strategy animations

This is a slideshow of two pieces of strategy work. The first two images are part of our work for North Lanarkshire Council on the Kelvin Valley Action Plan showing a landscape restructuring of the River Kelvin valley and Forth and Clyde Canal corridor.

The next six images are from our strategy work with yellow book for Motherwell, Ravenscraig and Wishaw showing how new development on the former steelworks site could start to integrate with the surrounding urban areas and benefit the existing centres.

Three key themes were identified for the area:

Diversification: To ensure that (i) wherever possible, economic, civic, community, leisure and cultural activities are focused on the three centres, and (ii) each achieves a diverse and sustainable mix of activities and land use.

Infrastructure: To establish a high quality integrated road, rail and bus network, connecting all the communities in the MRW area to each other, and to the national networks.

Design and quality: To set the benchmark in Scotland for (i) quality architecture and urban design, and for the creation of successful public places and open spaces, and (ii) cleansing, lighting, safety and customer care, and marketing and promotion in partnership with the public sector.