Supplementary Planning Guidance – Scottish Borders Council

12 May 2006 | blog, cities, frameworks, small towns, waterfronts

Summerfield housing site, Hawick, Scottish Borders
The objective of this study commissioned by Scottish Borders Council is to produce Supplementary Planning Guidance for 15 housing sites with the aims of improving the quality of decision making and enhancing the quality of development, providing confidence and certainty to developers and the community and ensuring a strong negotiating position when considering planning applications and assisting in their processing. The skills and experience required for this work included urban design, conservation and cultural heritage, landscape, ecology and environment, consultation and involvement together with a solid foundation in statutory planning and best practice. In response to this, we have assembled a team which includes Nick Wright Planning (consultation) and Hg Planning (statutory experience).

Our starting point for this study is that the quality of towns and villages in the Borders is an essential component of place competitiveness, vital to the area’s health and central to its ability to attract and retain businesses, residents and visitors.
Gala Law Housing Site, Hawick
Our work throughout the UK has given us a broad perspective on recent initiatives in new residential design and implementation through design briefing, design guidance and design coding. Each is different and each has seen varying degrees of success. Currently much of this work happens in England and is promoted by CABE and by the Prince’s Trust for the Built Environment. Architecture and Design Scotland may aspire to encourage similar work in Scotland.
Stirches Housing Site Hawick
We aspired to produce Supplementary Planning Guidance that would result in an enhanced image of the settlements containing the proposed housing sites as well as finding ways of adding new development to the beautiful landscapes of the Borders without damage or diminution of their essential qualities. The finalised document is shown below.

Final Report

Scottish Borders Photogallery