The best of the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud 2019

1 January 2020 | blog, comment


Skidmore Owings and Merrill – Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1963 – a personal favourite


The daily image published on Tumblr under the banner of the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud continues to grow its audience with around 19,500 followers on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and now on Instagram. In 2019, the 365 images received just over 51,000 notes, comments, likes or retweets.


Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud in 2019

The monthly themes and results for 2010 were:

1st Place: Raphael Soriano – 8,096 notes, March 2019
2nd Place: A Quincy Jones Houses 1938-1964 – 7,095 notes,  June 2019 
3rd Place: Le Corbusier Interiors – 5,951 notes, April 2019 
4th Place: Adalberto Libera – 4,570 notes, November 2019 
5th Place: Skidmore Owings and Merrill 1950-1973 – 3,074 notes, May 2019  
6th Place: Switzerland Builds – 2,938 notes, January 2019 
7th Place: Albert Kahn – 2,774 notes, August 2019 
8th Place: Contemporary Spanish Houses – 2,757 notes, October 2019 
9th Place: Carlo Scarpa by Guidi, Kinold and Guthrie – 2,615 notes, September 2019 
10th Place: Frank Gehry 1962-1983 – 2,355 notes, December 2019 
11th Place: Ernst Lichtblau – 2,113 notes, July 2019 
12th Place:  Remembrance and Memorials – 1,429 notes, February 2019

The most popular theme for the year was the collection of thirty-one Raphael Soriano buildings in March with just under 8096 notes. Soriano was followed in second place by A Quincy Jones with just over 7,000 notes and in third place by Le Corbusier Interiors on just under 6,000 notes. This reflects the popularity of individual houses over the last three years, especially California houses and images of interiors.

On Twitter a different picture emerges:

1st Place: Skidmore Owings and Merrill 1950-1973 – 1,038 notes, May 2019
2nd Place: Albert Kahn 787 notes, August 2019
3rd Place: A Quincy Jones Houses 1938-1964 – 584 notes, June 2019
4th Place: Adalberto Libera – 486 notes, November 2019
5th Place: Switzerland Builds – 427 notes, January 2019
5th Place: Le Corbusier Interiors – 427 notes, April 2019
7th Place: Frank Gehry 1962-1983 – 421 notes, December 2019
8th Place: Raphael Soriano – 365 notes, March 2019
9th Place: Remembrance and Memorials – 363 notes, February 2019
10th Place: Carlo Scarpa by Guidi, Kinold and Guthrie – 351 notes, September 2019
11th Place: Ernst Lichtblau – 328 notes, July 2019
12th Place: Contemporary Spanish Houses – 197 notes, October 2019

The Twitter followers  have come up with a ranking that mirrors my own expectations – much more so than the Tumblr folk. Still there are surprises, especially the low ranking of the photography of the two Carlo Scarpa buildings. I also expected that the wonderful collection of contemporary Spanish house would fare better than eighth and last on Tumblr and Twitter respectively.

Top ten images on Tumblr and Twitter

The top ten individual images on Tumblr are shown below:

The top ten images from Twitter are shown below:


If you want to look at the range of work published in 2019 on the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud perhaps the most accessible starting point is this Archive page which sets out the publications by month in a masonry grid. The Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud also has a Facebook page and Twitter feed which publishes the native images rather than just a link to the Tumblr page – so if you are interested you might find it easier to follow the Twitter account. There is also an Instagram feed but that is very much experimental and in its infancy with few followers.