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working in communities

Developing positive ideas for change through working with residential, business and institutional communities is central to our work. We approach our work with distinct principles and methods but without preconceived ideas of outcomes. Our work in Glasgow, across Northern Ireland and in many other places embodies this.

working with streets

We have worked on alternative approaches to street design since 2004 in Renfrew town centre. With the Scottish Government's Designing Streets advice, many Councils and communities are keen to change the way streets are used. Our work in Kirkwall, Leven and Inverness represents positive change.

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working with heritage

We work to make the most of heritage assets, especially through Townscape Heritage projects most recently in Stranraer, Kirkwall, Fraserburgh and Inverness. We look particularly at the street design aspects of this work, providing a more comfortable pedestrian environment and a better setting for important buildings.

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working with industry

Industry and renewables are critical components of Scotland's future. We have worked recently with public agencies and the private sector on practical projects for the future, including a renewables pier development framework at Stromness, a proposed O+M base at Buckie and a new industry park at Dalgety Bay.


what we do

conceptual, strategic and development work in urbanism, strategic design, tourism, heritage and spatial planning


with whom

communities, agencies and individuals who provide value to civic society through improving quality of life, economy and environment



from city regions, sub-regions, cities, towns and neighbourhoods to rural areas and countryside, villages, hamlets, sites, plots and gardens



we work across the disciplines of architecture, urbanism, geography, landscape, economics and social sciences

recent work


Erskine Town Centre Charrette

The “new community” of Erskine, dating from 1970, was originally conceived to have 30,000 residents with schools, community facilities, businesses, a harbour and a town centre. Forty-five years after the first houses were built, many elements of the original plan have materialised yet Erskine needs to continue to evolve to the meet the changing needs […]


The best of the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud 2015

Introduction: For the last seven years, I have published a daily image on Tumblr under the banner of the Cosmic Inspiro-Cloud. This started out as a collection of images that I wanted to keep for easy reference – a sort of Pinterest before its time – but I developed a curiosity about the popularity of […]


Street design in Inverness: the future of Academy Street

Summary: A study aimed at generating new street design proposals for Academy Street in Inverness based on the Scottish Government’s Designing Streets guidance and integrating these with a Townscape Heritage Project for the area to produce a substantially improved environment for pedestrians and a better trading environment for businesses combined with historic building upgrades and […]


A civic heart for Drymen

Summary: The Square in Drymen – actually more like a small village green than a square – has the potential to become the civic heart of the settlement. But a civic heart is not a physical construction – it requires civic activity. At the present time a range of factors stand in the way of […]


Byres Road Corners – civic spaces for Glasgow’s West End

Summary: A pilot project dealing with a series of public spaces with a common theme set beside collections of businesses, institutions and residential areas which could not only animate the spaces but also benefit from them through increased business opportunities, better living standards, better standards of external space and improvements to traffic-pedestrian interaction. The pilot […]